How to get a fake HKIC, Hong Kong Identity Card to go to Hong Kong?

fake HKIC, Hong Kong Identity Card

fake HKIC, Hong Kong Identity Card

How to get a fake HKIC, Hong Kong Identity Card to go to Hong Kong? How long to get a fake HKIC? Where to get a fake HKID? How much to purchase a fake Hong Kong Identity Card? Can I buy a fake Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card in the Hong Kong? The Hong Kong identity card (officially HKIC, commonly HKID) is an official identity document issued by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong.

The use of ID documents has a long history in Hong Kong, starting with hand-filled paper documents and ending with the introduction of smart cards on 23 June 2003.

Before 1949, people could freely move in and out of Hong Kong (then a British colony) and China (then the Republic of China). Hong Kong residents holding Republic of China citizenship are not registered. In 1949, after the government of the Republic of China retreated to Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China was established on the mainland, the Hong Kong government began registering Hong Kong residents and issuing mandatory identity documents. The measures were put in place to manage the influx of migrants from China. Registration was completed in 1951. Although registration is mandatory for all residents, people are not required to carry their documents with them when going out in public.

From June 1, 1960, the government introduced the second generation of ID cards. These bear the fingerprint and photograph of the holder, as well as the official seal. The information is entered and the card is laminated. There is a blue card for men and a red card for women. In November 1973, the card format was replaced by a fingerprint-free card. The color of the stamp identifies and distinguishes between permanent residents (black) and non-permanent residents (green). The new immigrants were then colloquially known as “green printers” (Chinese: green printers; Yale Cantonese: Luhk Yan Haak).

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Since 24 October 1980, it has been compulsory to carry an ID card in public places and produce it when asked to do so by police or immigration officials. The law was passed to control the large number of illegal immigrants arriving in the region. The government will deport illegal immigrants within three days if they cannot produce a valid ID.

From March 1983, digitally processed ID cards were introduced to reduce counterfeiting. It also simplifies border control. On 1 June 1987, the Immigration Department produced the card without the British Hong Kong badge, valid until the handover on 1 July 1997. After the handover, the card will show the smaller stamp of the HKSAR on the back of the card. In 2003, the government began replacing smart ID cards in phases.