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What is BuyaFakeDiploma?

I guess the bigger question is, what are fake diplomas? Simply put, fake diplomas are phony documents that are designed to look and feel as realistic as possible. The difference between a real one and a fake one, is that the real one is “real”, although some people can’t tell the difference! 🙂

A realistic or replica diploma, on the other hand, is a fake diploma only more realistic-looking! At we carry both along with fake transcripts and fake certificates, making us the #1 choice for phony diplomas and transcripts! If that doesn’t answer your questions, our site offers much more information about our company and what we’re all about.

Tell me more about fake diplomas!

Our fake diplomas are adjustable diploma templates available in 300+ layouts including both U.S. and Canadian design options. Each template can be individualized to your liking and a realistic diploma – all your own – will be shipped out to you.

Our diploma templates can be altered to feature the school name of your choice, any dates you want and more. You can then decorate it even more with the color paper of your choice, pick some seals from a catalog and so on. It’s very simple and a great way to get an affordable phony diploma.

Tell me more about realistic diplomas!

A realistic or replica diploma is the finest quality diploma. That’s because they are actual diplomas that have been replicated to showcase your information. This isn’t a customizable template, but a premium diploma fake that’s unique in every way.

Upon requesting a realistic product, our staff will pull the appropriate option that we have for your desired school and/or location and then apply the necessary adjustments to create the most realistic fake diploma you can possibly get!

Why do people buy fake or realistic diplomas?

Some people are looking to replace a lost or damaged diploma and may choose to hang their phony diploma in a fancy frame or show it off in a diploma folder! The possibilities are endless.

Do your fake diplomas or fake transcripts mention

There is absolutely no mention of the word “fake” or “” permanently displayed anywhere on your documents. Customer privacy is our highest concern.

Can I only buy fake diplomas?

Yes, Buy a Fake Diploma is also your home for realistic-looking novelty transcripts featuring realistic coursework and grades. Fake transcripts are great for boosting your self esteem!

Great, how do I order with you guys?

To get started, just let us know what you want. We offer fake ged diplomas, fake ged diplomas with score sheets, fake high school diplomas, fake high school diplomas with transcripts, fake college diplomas, and fake college diplomas with transcripts. Not to mention fake transcripts by themselves without diplomas added and our brand new closed college diplomas!

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