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The university is named after William McMaster, a prominent Canadian senator and banker, who donated $900,000 to its founding. It was formed in 1887 by the terms of an Act of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, which merged Toronto Baptist College with Woodstock College. It opened in Toronto in 1890. Hamilton’s inadequate facilities and land grants prompted its relocation in 1930. The Ontario and Quebec Baptists controlled the university until it became a privately chartered, publicly funded non-denominational institution in 1957.

McMaster has more than 27,000 undergraduate students and more than 4,000 graduate students. Alumni and former students live across Canada and in 139 countries. Its Sports teams are known as the Marauders and are members of U Sports. Notable alumni include government officials, academics, business leaders, Rhodes Scholars, Gates Cambridge Scholars, and Nobel Prize winners.

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The Office of Sustainability was created in 2002 as the Office of All-Modal Commuting and Transportation to promote sustainable operations and development of the University. Led by the University Sustainability Manager, the Office of Sustainability works with various members of the University population, external community groups and the government.

Together with other members of the Council of Ontario Universities, McMaster signed a pledge in 2009 called “Ontario Universities Committed to a Greener World,” whose goal is to transform its campuses into models of environmental responsibility. On 21 October 2010, the University signed two agreements to address climate change: the Talloire Declaration and the Canadian Statement of Action on Climate Change by the Deans of Universities and Colleges.