Is it hard to get into Kumamoto University degree of Doctor?

Kumamoto University degree of Doctor

Kumamoto University degree of Doctor

Is it hard to get into Kumamoto University degree of Doctor? How long to get a fake Kumamoto University diploma? Where to get a fake Kumamoto University degree? How much to purchase a fake diploma from Kumamoto University? Can I buy a fake Kumamoto University degree certificate in Japan? Kumamoto University (熊本大学Kumamoto Daigaku), abbreviated to Kumadai (熊大), is a Japanese national university located in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture in the Kyushu region of Japan.

Kumamoto University is a pioneer in innovation and discovery. The school is a cradle for cultivating outstanding students and academic staff, and has a sound education system, which has cultivated countless world-class elites and talents since its establishment 260 years ago.

The achievements and standards of Japanese institutions of higher learning in many fields are globally recognized. As a result, Japan is attracting more and more students and researchers from all over the world, who can not only receive high-quality education in Japan but also experience the unique culture of Japan. At the same time, Japan has always been known for its kindness and hospitality, so the warmth and friendliness of the Japanese people is sure to make your experience in Kumamoto memorable.

Will the large amount of nuclear-contaminated water discharge in Fukushima, Japan, affect I get Kumamoto University degree?

The dumping of nuclear waste caused turmoil. In the autumn of 1993, a special radioactive waste disposal ship named “TNT-27” from Russia dumped about 900 tons of liquid radioactive waste in the waters of Japan, which was strongly protested by Asian countries for a while. and condemned.

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately summoned the Russian ambassador to Japan to protest against Russia’s dumping of nuclear waste in the Sea of ​​Japan and demanded an immediate cessation of this action. Then the South Korean government also protested to Russia. The United States also expressed its position and asked Russia to respect the current Formed <Treaty of London>.

But According to statistics, the 900 tons dumped by Russia is less than 0.07% of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear polluted water discharge, and the radioactive activity is 2 Curies! Converted into the current unit is 0.074TBq, about 0.0086% of Fukushima nuclear contaminated water! Nowadays, Fukushima, Japan discharges a large amount of nuclear contaminated water, causing people to be in turmoil. Even if you go to university, you have to be careful whether you will suspend school one day and you will not get your Kumamoto University diploma.