What is a NCFE Level 3 certificate equivalent to?

NCFE Level 3 certificate, Northern Council for Further Education certificate

NCFE Level 3 certificate, Northern Council for Further Education certificate

What is a NCFE Level 3 certificate equivalent to? What is NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Coding Practices Online? Is it hard to get into Northern Council for Further Education certificate? Will the Level 3 cost the same as the Level 2 of the NCFE certificate? NCFE (formerly the Northern Council for Further Education) is an awarding organisation and registered educational charity providing qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, in the United Kingdom.

NCFE is committed to vocational and technical learning and is responsible for the design, development and accreditation for a range of nationally recognized qualifications and awards. The NCFE offers qualifications from entry level to Level 7, covering a wide range of industry specializations. NCFE is also an End of Registration Assessment Organization (EPAO) and also provides pre-program and in-program support for apprentices.

The Northern Union of Mechanics Institutes (NUMI) was the founding organization of the NCFE, founded in 1848. NUMI’s first report declared its aim to be “a centre from which the elements of knowledge and civilization will continue to develop” for the intellectual, scientific and moral well-being of the entire Northern county.

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In 1920, NUMI was succeeded by the Northern Counties Technical Examination Board (NCTEC) and for the next 61 years was responsible for providing examinations and accreditation for schools and technical colleges, supported by nine Northern local education authorities. In 1981, NCTEC merged with the Northern Advisory Council on Continuing Education (NACFE) to become the Northern Council on Continuing Education. 1990, the education sector became independent of the government and NCFE became a national corporation, so it is no longer known as the Northern Council for Further Education, but simply the Independent NCFE.

NCFE offers a wide range of qualifications covering a range of industry specializations from entry level all the way up to Level 7. New awards across industries are frequently introduced to keep pace with the changing education landscape, the changing labor market and to address skills gaps. NCFE also offers further solutions to support learning as part of its end-to-end services for learners and educators, including resources and guidance, CPD qualifications, and innovative skills assessment tools.