SEGI university diploma, SEGI degree, buy fast diploma in Malaysia

SEGI degree

SEGI degree

SEGI university diploma, SEGI degree, buy fast diploma in Malaysia. In the next 30 years, the system group continued to expand the size of the school, developed to 7 university colleges and colleges, with more than 20000 students. In 2002, the system group (Systematic) was renamed to the SEG International Bhd. After 30 years of development, Century Group produced more than two thousand graduates, providing more than 100 courses, more than 300 students received a honorary degree, there are 220 full-time teachers. In addition, the group is also a listed company in Malaysia, which is listed in all stock trading in Malaysia.

School characteristics

1. The master’s degree obtained by the Ministry of education is accredited by the international service center of the Ministry of education, and the Ministry of education of China has approved

2 hours, study abroad the shortest: credit transfer by way of the Malaysia Century University College, the first half of the four domestic credit courses directly in Malaysia transcripts reflect, returned to the Ministry of education certification default all courses are studying in Malaysia, studying abroad to save time.

3, the pass rate is high: the examination link will synthesize the ordinary performance, and use the form of the homework. The graduation thesis is half a month ahead of time for students to write, not to take part in the defense, by the hospital for approval and to graduate.

4, low entry threshold: Malaysia century university college needs 5.5 points of IELTS score or no IELTS score, but must learn a primary school English.

5, the campus environment is beautiful: it costs 330 million yuan to build flagship campus, including teaching building, administrative building, residential building, gymnasium, swimming pool, restaurant and convenience store.

6, the lowest cost: in Malaysia University College of century study, the cost of living is 60000 yuan per year, it is the working class family can bear. Malaysia is the country with the lowest cost of learning English.

7, good job prospects after graduation: after Chinese students graduated, they generally return to work. About 75% of the people who returned to employment had entered the foreign companies, and some of them entered the state-owned units and government agencies, and a few of them opened their own companies