What is Singapore Polytechnic diploma equivalent?

Singapore Polytechnic diploma, SP diploma certificate

Singapore Polytechnic diploma, SP diploma certificate

What is Singapore polytechnic diploma equivalent? What is a diploma level in Singapore? Does Singapore Polytechnic offer degree? Is it hard to get into Singapore Polytechnic diploma certificate? Buy a Singapore Polytechnic certificate with a real gold seal. Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is a post-secondary education institution and statutory board under the purview of the Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Established in 1954, SP is the first and oldest polytechnic in Singapore, and is renowned for its engineering programs. The Sports Complex has a football pitch, running track, Olympic-sized swimming complex, four tennis courts, three badminton courts, three basketball courts and a gym. The SPorts ARena, completed in 2015, has 12 badminton courts, two basketball courts, four squash courts, one multi-purpose court and two volleyball courts.

Other facilities include an external rock climbing wall and two rooftop basketball courts. Moberly is the oldest block of Singapore Polytechnic—it was once a British Army barracks, the building has been refurbished into a recreational hub. It has seven pool tables, jamming studios, karaoke rooms, a café and a mini museum.

The College focuses on cultivating and training future engineering talents to support the technological, economic and socio-cultural development of Singapore society in the future. In addition, the college also provides equipment and expertise for the development of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises. The college has a beautiful environment, a variety of teaching facilities, a strong faculty, and offers more than 20 kinds of diploma programs.

Graduates of the School have always been welcomed by large and medium-sized enterprises, and have held important positions in various fields, making outstanding contributions to the prosperity and development of Singapore.

What are the advantages of having a Singapore Polytechnic diploma?

Possessing a Singapore Polytechnic diploma has more advantages in obtaining permanent residence in Singapore: The Singapore government encourages international students with professional knowledge and skills to apply for permanent residence in Singapore. After a student graduates from a national university or a government polytechnic, the student will immediately receive an immigration application form from the Singapore Immigration Service.

Students can choose whether to immigrate immediately according to their future career development direction. Due to the high employment rate, compared with graduates of the National University of Singapore, graduates of government polytechnics have more advantages to become permanent residents of Singapore.

The Employment prospects of students in Singapore: In terms of employment trends in Singapore, majors such as electronics, communications, computer engineering, microelectronics, mechanical and electrical engineering and building intelligence technology are all majors that are rapidly lacking in the Singapore talent market. According to the market demand, five government polytechnics have carried out professional courses for relevant popular majors to meet the needs of the job market.