Buy a Warren National University degree of Doctor in America

Warren National University degree of Doctor, Kennedy-Western University diploma

Warren National University degree of Doctor, Kennedy-Western University diploma

Buy a Warren National University degree of Doctor in America. Who is the owner of National University Warren? Is it hard to get into Warren National University Doctor certificate? Order a fake Kennedy-Western University diploma. How to get a fake Warren National University degree certificate online? Where to purchase a Warren National University diploma and transcript? How much to order a Warren National University degree? Warren National University, previously known as Kennedy-Western University.

Warren National University was founded in 1984 in California as Kennedy Western University. Its founder is Paul Saltman. It was officially renamed Warren National University on January 1, 2007. According to the institution, the new name was chosen to honor Wyoming’s first governor, Francis E. Warren, and to reflect the university’s close ties to Wyoming. In 2003, the Encyclopedia of Distributed Learning cited Kennedy Western as an example of an unaccredited for-profit online university that had “achieved purported economic success.”

Throughout the university’s history, it had offices in Hawaii, Idaho, and Wyoming, while its headquarters remained in California until December 2007. As of December 14, 2007, WNU closed its administrative office in Agoura Hills, California, and concentrated its operations in Wyoming.

Warren National University is registered with the Wyoming Department of Education as WS 21-2-401 to 21-2-407. This registration enables the university to legally conduct business in the state. However, WNU has never been accredited by any higher education accrediting body recognized in the United States. As a condition of registration in Wyoming, the institution must meet the criteria contained in “Section 4: Private School Licensing.” One of the requirements, which went into effect in July 2006, is that schools must be accredited or in the process of being accredited by a higher education accreditation organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

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To continue operating in Wyoming, Warren National University applied for accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the recognized regional accrediting body serving the state. The certification process is expected to take several years. According to Western National University, the school received “eligibility” for accreditation in December 2007.

The Northern Central Board of Higher Education has arranged for an assessment team to conduct a “preliminary candidate” visit from October 13-15, 2008, another step required for accreditation. As of January 27, 2009, Nishi Normal University is no longer listed as “applying for” accreditation by the Higher Education Commission, but as “stateless”.

On January 30, 2009, the Nishi University website explained that the evaluation visit did not go well and recommended that the certification process be terminated. What if you get bad grades and don’t graduate normally? Don’t worry, we can restore your Warren National University degree 100%.